1) Material: UPVC, CPVC

2) Size: 1/2'' - 4''; 20mm - 110mm; DN15 - DN100

3) Standard: ANSI SCH80 / DIN PN16

4) Joint End:  Socket 

5) Working Pressure: 150 PSI

6) Operating Temperature: UPVC(0~55); CPVC(0~95)

7) Body color : UPVC(dark gray), CPVC(light gray)


When a pipe system has an opening that will not be connected to another pipe or fitting, the flow needs to be stopped to prevent leaks. This is where PN16 PVC caps are used. These caps contain the flow when a line needs to end, without adding much expense to the project.

Caps can be threaded or non-threaded. For threaded systems, these caps are equipped with female threads, so they can fit over the male ends of the pipe. 
PN16 PVC caps can also be smooth on the inside. These slip-on caps are attached using an adhesive to create a tight, waterproof seal that will completely prevent any fluid from leaking from the system. Of the two, threaded caps are slightly more flexible, because they can be removed more easily should a new line need to be added. These connecting features are what make caps different than plugs, which have male threading to fit inside the pipe.

PN16 PVC caps are used in high-pressure systems because of their thick walls. They can withstand the pressure without breaking, thus maintaining a watertight seal when it is important. Whether used in irrigation, chemical processing or sewer and home plumbing, these caps will hold strong, even if the liquids they contain are running through the system at a high pressure. 

Because these are 
PN16 PVC caps, they work best with PN16 systems. The interior diameters of the caps are smaller than PN10 pipes, and this means they work best when mated with similar sized pipes. Also, they are able to withstand higher temperatures and pressures than PN10 options, without a tremendous increase in price. Caps can easily be installed and removed at a later time should the need to install a new line or add a fitting arise. This allows systems to be created so they can be expanded or adjusted easily, all with an affordable PVC cap.

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