1) Material: UPVC, CPVC

2) Size: 1/2'' - 12''; 20mm - 315mm; DN15 - DN300

3) Standard: ANSI SCH80 / DIN PN16

4) Joint End:  Socket or Threaded (NPT, BSPT, BSPF)

5) Working Pressure: 150 PSI

6) Operating Temperature: UPVC(0~55); CPVC(0~95)

7) Body color : UPVC(dark gray), CPVC(light gray)


PVC 90 Ells are pipe fittings that turn the flow of liquid. These particular ells turn the liquid at a 90-degree angle. There are many applications where changing the direction of flow slightly is important. Often, piping must be routed around the existing structures in a building. These ells make that possible, without disrupting the function of the plumbing system. By simply turning the flow 90 degrees, these ells allow for the design of the system to go wherever it needs to go, thus improving the function and design options of the plumbing system.

These ells are made of thick PN16 PVC. This means that they are designed to withstand higher pressures than the more commonly used PN10 PVC. Many have threading to allow the unit to be screwed into place, while others include smooth joints to be cemented in place. Some also have reinforced connections. This allows them to withstand even greater pressure. Often, PN16 ells are used in PN10 systems to provide additional strength at the joints, which are the weakest point.

These PN16 PVC 90 ells come in a wide range of sizes, from 20mm to 315mm. These fittings are made from durable PVC material, which means they are highly resistant to corrosion from liquid and metals in the soil. This makes them ideal for applications that require them to be used underground or under water. The affordability of PVC makes it the go-to choice for household applications where budget is a primary concern. Also, because PN16 ells are stronger than traditional PN10 ells, they can withstand higher pressures, making them a good choice for irrigation and similar high-pressure systems.

They are also available in a variety of colors, including white and gray as well as red, blue, green and other colors. This allows the user to color code the plumbing to indicate what type of liquid the pipes are carrying.

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