Flanged True Union Check Valve

Flanged True Union Check Valve

1) Material: UPVC, CPVC, PP 

2) Size: 1/2'' - 2''; 20mm - 63mm ; DN15 - DN50    

3) Standard: ANSI, DIN, JIS

4) Joint End: Flanges    

5) Working Pressure: 150 PSI         

6) Operating Temperature: UPVC(0~55); CPVC & PP(0~95)  

7) Body color : UPVC(dark gray), CPVC(light gray), PP(light yellow)


A PVC check valve allows for the release of pressure from a pressurized system without the creation of backflow back into the system. These valves are commonly used in situations where backflow could create damage or contamination, such as in filtration or pumping systems. They are designed to work automatically, preventing damaging flow at critical times. These affordable valves are easy to replace and easy to clean. Because the internal components can be removed, maintenance is simple and affordable without tearing apart the entire system.

PVC check valves come in true union ball check, wafer check and swing check designs. All offer the benefits of PVC, including its durability and corrosion resistance. True union ball check valves have a metal or ruby ball that turns flow on and off when the pressure inside the valve reaches a certain point. The pressure pushes the ball into the "off" position. Because these valves can be quite small, they are used in microelectronics, but also may be used in chemical processing, water treatment and chemical cooling processes.


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