1) Material: UPVC, CPVC

2) Size: 1/2'' - 12''; 20mm - 315mm; DN15 - DN300

3) Standard: ANSI SCH80 / DIN PN16

4) Joint End:  Socket or Threaded (NPT, BSPT, BSPF)

5) Working Pressure: 150 PSI

6) Operating Temperature: UPVC(0~55); CPVC(0~95)

7) Body color : UPVC(dark gray), CPVC(light gray)



One problem those installing piping systems face is the fact that pipes do not bend. They only allow fluids to travel in a straight line. Fittings, like these Schedule 80 PVC 45 ells, can fix that. Schedule 80 PVC ells are designed to redirect the flow of liquids in a system by turning the entire system. These Schedule 80 PVC 45 ells are used when direction needs to be changed just slightly, as they move flow in a 45-degree angle. This allows those in charge of designing piping systems to create a custom layout and move around any existing obstacles.

These fittings can connect to the pipe through threaded ends or smooth ends. Threaded ends screw tightly onto the pipe, while smooth ends allow for strong adhesives to be used in making the connection. Some of the fittings also have reinforcements at the bend to make the connections stronger for high-pressure applications.

These Schedule 80 PVC 45 ells can be used in irrigation, home and commercial plumbing systems and underwater applications. The strong Schedule 80 PVC allows them to withstand higher pressure than their Schedule 40 counterparts, and they can be used within both Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 systems to reinforce the joints, which are the weakest points in the systems. Because Schedule 80 fittings have smaller interior diameters due to the thicker walls, these fittings may slightly reduce flow in the system.

These Schedule 80 PVC 45 ells come in a range of sizes to fit many different applications. From small 1/2 inch fittings to large fittings with 12 inch diameters, the size variety here allows these fittings to be used a range of systems, from irrigation to home plumbing. PVC ells are not reducing fittings, so both ends will be the same size. Both threaded and slip ends are available, so they can be attached by screwing into the system or with strong PVC adhesives.



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