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China PVC prices sharply increased in past 3 months
China PVC price has increased a lot since June.2017, especially when the goverment made environmental protection inspection into all kinds of industry, then a lot of small-scale enterprises could not meet the requirement and were forced to close down, plus the exchange rate of USD vs RMB dropped day by day recently. As a result, the PVC resin increased sharply in the past 3 months.

As showed on below pictures, in June 2017, the PVC resin was around RMB5863 (USD900 per ton), but this figure raised a lot in the following months, and even reached RMB7545 (USD1160 per ton) in Sep 2017, total has increased nearly 30% within 3 months, this is really CRAZY ! And a lot of companies had no choice but to accept this situation and increased the selling prices.